About Us

We are proud to say, We are the home to the ONLY AKC Utility Titled CO and 2x National Best in Show Winning CO!!!


We are a small working American kennel in Ohio.   We take great pride in testing and proving our dog's working abilities.  We health test our dogs as this is very important in a working dog.  We are fortunate enough to have Dean Calderon located near us so he can test our dog's mental capabilities for guarding and protection.  It is very important to test this!  A dog MUST be mentally stable enough to be tested against the threat of a man but also be stable-minded enough to know when there is no threat.   We test and title our dogs in many areas of working including but not limited to-


- Obedience 

- Rally

- Livestock Guarding

- Personal Protection

- Property Guardian

- Lure Coursing

- IPO Temperament Test (BH)

- Agility

- Conformation

The possibilities are endless!

Ares Seminar in Ukraine October 2015 with some of the trainers  

Ares Seminar Ukraine October 2015

Jillian, Dean Calderon, Terri and Allyson.  A wonderful training day in Ohio!

At the Dog Training Village in Ukraine October 2015

Ares seminar in Ukraine 2015

A lovely video by our close and very respected friend, Lana Svetlana in Ukraine